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Paul Wisse asks ...
Why is it these days people seem to consider it acceptable to push in a queue?
Why when I open doors for people do they just saunter through without so much as a thank you?
Why do people speed up and try to kill me when I attempt to overtake them perfectly legally?
Why when I give way to someone on the road even if it is their responsibility do they not thank me or even smile?
Why do able bodied people park in disabled bays?
Why do people 'huff & puff' and pull impatient faces just because I'm in front of them at the Jet Wash?
Why do people behind me at the bank find it necessary to tell me the cashier is free when I am waiting to be called?
Why do people walk two abreast at a slow pace leaving no room for me to pass?
Why do people talk to shop staff & waiters like they are shit?
Why? Why? Why?
Well, who gives a shit? Because as from today I am going to be the new 'Courtesy Tsar' and I intend to point out to all these ignorant fuckwits the errors of their ways!
The GOS says: Well thanks for that, Paul. Let us know how you get on ... if you live.


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