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So doctors are complaining because they're having to treat so many people who have had accidents on their trampolines. They describe the accidents as "preventable", and say they're "fed up" with them. No doubt our all-knowing government will soon be bringing in legislation to prevent us from buying the kids a trampoline unless we've done a six-week training-course first - for which we will have to pay, of course.
Dear doctors, it seems to me (being a simple soul, and unreasonably attached to old-fashioned things like logic and common-sense) that virtually all accidents are preventable. That's why they're called "accidents".
It also seems to me, dear doctors, that it's your job to treat people who have had accidents. That's what you're for. That's why hospitals have departments called "A&E" - it stands for "accident and emergency". It's a bit rich, isn't it, to complain about having to do your own job?
I had a conversation recently with the manager of a superstore - he said that what he really enjoyed was the periods when the store was closed because then he didn't have to deal with any customers. Whatever next? Policemen complaining about crime? teachers complaining about the stupidity and ignorance of their pupils? traffic-planners complaining because we all keep using their roads?
It strikes me that we have quite a lot of British soldiers out in Iraq at the moment. I haven't heard any of them contacting the press to say that they're "fed up" with being shot at.


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