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Someone said to the GOS last night "You seem quite annoyed!"
"Yes," he replied, "I'm a professional at it. I have a website!" which, as you know, is true. And after many years of being cross, tetchy, exasperated and generally grumpy, the GOS has finally achieved a sort of nadir.
This has to be the saddest, silliest piece of buffoonery it has ever been our privilege to expose on this website. In Brick Lane, London, they've installed huge rubber buffers round the lamp-posts.
Because the brain-dead inhabitants keep walking into them and hurting themselves because they're so busy texting that they can't look where they're going!
Reported this week at Metro, "Lampposts on East London's Brick Lane have today been wrapped up in padding to protect Britain's clumsy texters.
The renowned capital curry haunt has been highlighted as the most dangerous place for mobile phone users to be texting with Londoners frequently picking up injuries ranging from bruises to fractured bones.
Whether it be the perils of walking into a lamppost while not keeping your eyes on the road or careering into a bin after a couple of drinks at a local drinking establishment, the street apparently poses many menaces to dozy phone users. And in order to stem the flow of ailments anything potentially harmful is being wrapped in cotton wool, or at least brightly coloured padding.

Brick Lane has now become the first 'Safe Text' street in the UK, with rugby post-like cushioning put around the 10 of the road's higher-than-average number of lampposts. If the trial proves a success then other capital danger-zones, including Charing Cross Road, Old Bond Street, Oxford Street and Church Street, Stoke Newington, will also be set for some extra padding.
According to a survey of 1055 Britons by text information service 118118, which is overseeing the pilot scheme alongside public space charity Living Streets, one in ten Britons has injured themselves while walking and texting in the last 12 months. Nearly half (44%) of those asked said they would be happy to see protective pads put on lampposts, and one in four Britons (27%) would support a 'Mobile Motorway' - a coloured line on the road to keep texters out of trouble."


The GOS says: I think I just lost the will to live.
A young woman's just been sent to prison because she was texting at the wheel, and ran over a cyclist. The fact that the cyclist had jumped a red light is, apparently, immaterial. I mean, he's a cyclist, OK? And cyclists can do no wrong? And besides, he's dead so it couldn't possibly have been his own fault

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