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NO2ID - Stop ID cards and the database state

From Emyr Ellis
My personal privacy is being invaded by high-street shops.
If I buy something and later decide to return it because it's wrong or it doesn't work or whatever, the shop manager invariably wants to know my name, address and telephone number.
My first experience of this was with Dixons where the manager refused to give me a refund unless I divulged my details. He gave many assurances that my details would not be used for this or that, but why should he have the automatic right to my personal information because I want a refund?
People divulge their details (as I have been forced to) because they have our money and we want it back - and they know it. Does this mean that I have a right to his personal information prior to my purchase also?
"What if I live on the streets?" I asked.
"You wouldn't need an optical lead for your mini-disc player" came the cocky response.
Why do I lose my statutory rights because I want a refund? The Citizens Advice Bureau said "wouldn't it have been easier to tell him your address?" Eventually I gave Dixons a previous address and now I never shop there. Halfords are nicer about it - they put the shop address but still think I'm awkward for not allowing them to invade my privacy.
What the hell is going on?

The GOS says: Right on, Emyr. They didn't ask for your name and address when you bought the bloody thing, so why should they expect it when you take it back? If you search Google patiently you can find quite a lot of advice about setting up alternative identities for yourself. Perhaps we should all have several names and addresses to choose from - that'd fox the buggers!
But then why should we be forced even to consider such extreme measures to hide from a society that should be serving our wishes?



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