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NO2ID - Stop ID cards and the database state


This from Steve Hicks from Cornwall where, he says, they still mine clotted cream and pasties ...
Have you noticed the ever increasing number of support groups which are being formed to help minority groups?
If you are gay/lesbian or think you might be, there is help at hand.
If you are a convicted criminal there is support to guide you back on to the straight and narrow.
If you get into debt there are people willing to help you sort out your finances. If you are a single parent, overweight, a drug or solvent abuser, an alcoholic, disabled, being bullied, trying to stop smoking, homeless etc then you will find a group to provide help and support. The list goes on and on and seems endless.
Now I'm not knocking these groups in any way. However if you fall into the category of able bodied, heterosexual, non smoking, not in debt, happily married, law abiding, not over weight and a home owner who drinks in moderation, then there seems to be sod all in the way of support for you. Taking this a little further, if you don't fall into one of the mammoth list of minority groups then you must be in the minority yourself!
Uh-oh, I think we need another support group ....
The GOS says: What are we going to do about the elderly (including me and Mrs.GOS) then? We've been hearing lately about how all the wealth is in the hands of the elderly, and how there are so many of us that the pension bill is crippling the country.
Before long us old crumblies will be a majority. Does that mean we'll have to start support groups to help everyone else? That doesn't seem quite right?
There's a strange hypocrisy at work here. Steve's right, there are support groups for all sorts of people, but at the same time we're very happy to engage in state victimisation of minorities when we feel self-righteous enough. People who live in the country and like to go hunting, drivers, smokers, drinkers ... they're all fair game, the bastards, it's for their own good, so let's put the boot in!
Come to that, aren't Grumpy Old Sods a significant and undervalued minority? I mean, we suffer, don't we? We have an affliction? If people don't like smelly soap and perfume they say they're allergic. If they don't like cigarette smoke they say they're asthmatic. If kids can't behave themselves at school they say they've got Attention Deficit Disorder, if they swear a lot they've got Tourette's Syndrome and if they can't read they must be Dyslexic. I believe they can get an extra GCSE for collecting a Full House.
Well it stands to reason, the GOS must have a syndrome. What's it called, and why isn't anyone doing anything to help?


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