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Regular readers - this page has changed - see the Addendum at the bottom

We have long trusted the BBC as a reliable and impartial source of information about the state of the world, but sadly those days are gone. These days the limp-wristed leftist nancy-boys are all too ready to roll over and offer their bottoms to the establishment and its politically-motivated propaganda.
What worries the propagandists at the moment is that, faced with some contrary facts and a concerted body of opinion among scientists and other commentators, the Man-made Global Warming Campaign is in some disarray and desperately trying to explain away the recent very cold winter - see this page.
So much so that, as John Ray explains on Eye on Britain, the BBC have calmly and deliberately altered one of their own articles. In John Ray's own words
Roger Harrabin is one of the less ideological reporters for the BBC and he sometimes mentions things that call global warming into question. But that does not suit the British Bias Corporation of course. In this article, Harrabin mentioned recent global cooling. But when someone senior to him saw it, they were obviously not happy. The article was changed after it initially appeared.
I have a PDF of the article produced shortly after it was posted. I also have a PDF of what was up last time I checked. Let us compare the 3rd/4th sentences in each. In V1, they say:
This would mean global temperatures have not risen since 1998, prompting some to question climate change theory. But experts say we are still clearly in a long-term warming trend - and they forecast a new record high temperature within five years.
In V2 they say:
But this year's temperature would still be way above the average - and we would soon exceed the record year of 1998 because of global warming induced by greenhouse gases.
How low the BBC has sunk from the grand old days of Lord Reith when it could be relied on as a source of objective and unbiased information! The Left corrupt anything they get their hands on. As Orwell pointed out, they think that truth is what they declare it to be.

We rest our case. The BBC and Global Warming? - just LIES, LIES, LIES.
It's not the lying that gets our goat so much, it's the arrogant assumption that nobody can question them, that they either won't get found out or, if they do, it won't matter a jot.
And the terrible thing is, they're right.

Thanks to another post from John Ray we can add to this story - and it's far more ridiculous than we thought. Also, frankly, rather sinister if one assumes that the BBC is typical of broadcasting organisations worldwide.
It seems that instead of reporting the story as received from the World Meteorological Organisation, the BBC modified it as demanded by an activist who was concerned that in its original form it supported 'the skeptics' correct observation that there has been no warming since 1998.
Jennifer Marohasy of Australia's Institute of Public Affairs has revealed an exchange between the author and climate alarmist Jo Abbess which she found on the Campaign Against Climate Change message board. Abbess posted a transcript of her email debate in order to impress her fellow greenies - an odd thing to do, as Abbess's bare-faced distortion of the facts and her threats to flood Harrabin with her friends' hostile emails don't seem the sort of thing a normal person would be particularly proud of. Follow the link above to read the whole exchange.
The American Thinker website also reports the story, and shows us that there were not one but several revisions of the article before the craven BBC were satisfied. It highlights the increasingly irrational and threatening messages from Abbess "I think it's counterproductive to even hint that the Earth is cooling down again" "This is not an issue of 'debate'. This is an issue of emerging truth" "I would ask : please reserve the main BBC Online channel for emerging truth" "I am about to send your comments to others for their contribution, unless you request I do not. They are likely to want to post your comments on forums/fora, so please indicate if you do not want this to happen. You may appear in an unfavourable light because it could be said that you have had your head turned by the sceptics"
Well, no, Ms.Abbess, as you say this is not a matter for debate. Because you wouldn't know one if it sat up and hit you in the ear. And even if you did recognise one, you wouldn't have the faintest idea how to join in.
We think John Ray sums it up rather nicely
The BBC have in effect blown any residual reputation for integrity that they may have had. The Greenies may in fact come to regret their actions in this matter. They have blown the cover of one of their more reliable mouthpieces. All BBC stories will henceforth be easily dismissed as the product of political pressure. If I were a Greenie, I would be pressing for immediate reinstatement of the original story.


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