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Today (07/07/07) BBC1 and BBC2 between them broadcast almost 15 hours of coverage of musical events organised by Al Gore and intended "to raise awareness of global warming".
The scientific case for global warming, and for man-made global warming in particular, is well-known to be dubious. Al Gore's contribution to the debate, the film "An Inconvenient Truth", is riddled with factual inaccuracies. Many of the shibboleths of global warming propaganda - rising sea levels, melting ice-caps, disappearing glaciers etc. - are either wild guesses or interpretations of the evidence that are open to dispute. Others - like the allegedly decreasing population of polar bears - are outright lies.
For a reputable body like the BBC to give this enormous publicity to a dangerously flawed campaign is a betrayal of its duty to provide balanced and rational reportage, and an outrageous misuse of our licence fee, given that it is revenue raised from a populace far from convinced of the validity and truth of man-made climate change.
The viewing public is already annoyed and deeply cynical about the blizzard of knee-jerk hysteria to be found in almost every programme about wildlife or the environment - it has become obligatory for presenters to warn that this or that species may not survive the alleged global warming, often in the face of evidence to the contrary, and to be fed this rubbish by celebrity TV presenters like Anneke Rice whose scientific wisdom plainly wouldn't fill a small spoon is nothing short of an insult.
The GOS urges all his readers to go to the BBC website and make a formal complaint. Don't forget to tick the box asking for a response - might as well put the b*gg*rs to a bit of trouble, since we know damn well they won't take a blind bit of notice otherwise.



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