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This from G**** A*******

If I see another moron slouching around looking like a cross between some second-rate rapper and the Cambridge Rapist, I shall invest in a high-powered rifle and start my own campaign to rid Britain of the hooded menace.
This fashion, often combined with a baseball cap or a woolly hat which looks even more stupid in hot weather, is completely and utterly vile and is yet another attempt at dumbing-down this country which started in the early nineties when wearing shirts hanging out became popular.
Going back 20 years in the good old Thatcher days, anyone wearing a hoodie would probably be arrested on suspicion of turning over a Securicor van, as only criminals and IRA terrorists would favour this attire. Similarly a young man who wore his shirt out would be kicked out of the local pub for being a scruff, and baseball caps, even in America, were novelty wear.
Sadly this lousy, anti-social fashion, which originates in that bastion of violence and limited talent called rap music, has caught on among the dreaded chav fraternity who want to create their own version of Compton in the council estates of England. Also, the hood is useful when they decide to trash a car or mug a pensioner in front of a CCTV camera, as you can't see their faces - not that many of them are much to look at with their acne-scarred complexions.
Unfortunately, banning this vile piece of clothing would lead to human rights nonsense being spouted even if most of the population hate it and it frightens old people. David Cameron goes on about hugging hoodies, although if he tried it, he would probably be knifed and would probably be forced to change his opinion of the hooded menace. I would sooner he kicked one of the losers in the groin to say that they are not accepted and then, if he takes power, ban the damned things along with baseball caps and other accoutrements of chav culture.
I for one, if I took control of this country, would ban hoodies, baseball caps, woolly hats (except in cold weather), shiny tracksuits and teenagers hanging around the streets after sundown. Then and only then could the war be taken back to the hooded chav menace who lurk around streets like hyenas.
Interesting fact - the majority of decent, law-abiding teenagers hate the chav thing as much as adults do.

The GOS says: Oh my God. I sometimes don't tuck my shirt in, I have a couple of woolly hats and, even worse, I actually own a hoodie.
Does this make me a chav? I don't know what to do. Please help me


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