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A review of citizenship lessons in schools by Sir Keith Ajegbo, a Home Office adviser and former headmaster, concludes that white children are suffering "labelling and discrimination" that is severely compromising their idea of being British. He says "It makes no sense in our report to focus on minority ethnic pupils without trying to address and understand the issues for white pupils nor is there any advantage in creating confidence in minority ethnic pupils if it leaves white pupils feeling disenfranchised and resentful".
Alexandra Frean, Education Editor of The Times, writes "While the spectre of white marginalisation is regarded as an increasingly pressing issue, governments have been cautious of tackling it head-on for fear of being accused of racism".
But the Commission for Equality and Human Rights have welcomed the report.
"Many of the white working-class people who vote for the BNP," says chairman Trevor Phillips, "sincerely believe that it is their colour that means they are poor, or that their sons are failing at school, or that the council gives everything going to the Asians."
"Not all this is imagined. All the recent evidence shows that inequality based on race and faith is polarising our communities. For some white working-class boys, it appears to them that everybody else but them has somebody who worries about them. They feel they are at the bottom."

The GOS says: Huh. They're not the only ones.


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