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NO2ID - Stop ID cards and the database state


Our thanks to M*** J****** who supplied this little gem ...


Good King Wenceslas looked out, upon one Christmas morning,
'Twas scarcely any snow about, because of global warming,
Despite a month of constant rain, a hosepipe ban remain-ed,
The water leaked from ev'ry main, but shareholders still gain-ed.

Up spake the sov'reign's lowly page, who had been getting restive,
"No snow, no tree, no Christmas lights! It doesn't look too festive!"
"There'll be no lights!" the king replied, "that custom has been ended!
The land's in thrall to Muslims now, and they might be offended".

"There's bugger-all to live for, now!" our noble king proclaim-ed,
"Speed cameras, bloody ID cards, and Ken's congestion charges.
When smarmy Tony Bliar is gone, what will befall the nation?
Alas good page, there's worse to come: C**t Broon and more taxation!"


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