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The case for man-made Global Warming continues to crumble

• The highly respected Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research has been in the forefront of global warming prediction, but now its Director Mike Hulme thinks things are going too far. He says "I have found myself increasingly chastised by climate change campaigners when my public statements and lectures on climate change have not satisfied their thirst for environmental drama and rhetoric. It seems that it is we, the professional climate change scientists, who are now the catastrophic sceptics."
"It is not just campaigners but politicians and scientists too, who are openly confusing the language of fear, terror and disaster with the observable physical reality of climate change, actively ignoring the careful hedging that surrounds science's predictions."
The Tyndall Centre has also been looking at the government's draft Climate Change Bill. It says the bill is more likely to increase emissions than decrease them. Still, what do they know? - they're just the experts. No match for politicians when it comes to knowing what's best for us.

• Meanwhile Tony Blair isn't going to give up his long-haul holiday flights and claims that the battle against Global Warming doesn't require unreasonable sacrifices. Well, not from him, anyway.
"Britain is 2% (sic) of the world's emissions," he said. "We shut down all of Britain's emissions tomorrow and the growth in China will make up the difference within two years"
The dreadful use of English apart, dare one point out that when Global Warming sceptics used exactly this argument, we were shouted down?

• BAA want to introduce charges to deter lorries from using roads near Heathrow, including the M4, because they're building a fifth runway and they're worried about the air quality. You couldn't make it up, could you?

• When he was a member of the Sustainability Commission, senior civil servant Richard Wakeford said the explosion in low-cost air travel was "unsustainable", and that we should all take responsibility for promoting sustainability in our own lives.
That was then, of course. Now, he commutes weekly by plane from his home in Gloucestershire to Edinburgh.

• Journeys compared: to travel from Manchester to London and back by train would cost 219 each, and creates 14.8kg of CO2 emissions per passenger.
The same journey by plane costs 171 each, and produces 90kg of CO2 per passenger.
To travel by car would cost on average 17 for petrol, and produce 8kg of CO2 per passenger if you were a family of four.
Still, what the hell. It's us car drivers that create all the CO2, so brand us as enviro-criminals and tax us off the road, we deserve it.


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