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"No matter if the science is all phony, there are collateral environmental benefits...climate change provides the greatest chance to bring about justice and equality in the world" - Christine Stewart, former Canadian Environment Minister


This by Derek Kelly ...
The major "sin" for the global warmists is CO2. The Kyoto treaty is meant to reduce the amount of this gas so as, they say, to reduce the degree of warming and eventually return us to some stable climate system. If we look at the historical situation, however, this is cause for alarm. For one thing, there has never been a stable climate system. For another, the level of CO2 in our atmosphere is near its historic low. In the long run, the greatest danger is too little rather than too much CO2. There has been a long-term reduction of CO2 throughout the 4.5-billion-year history of the Earth. If this tendency continues, eventually our planet may become as lifeless as Mars.
Glaciation has prevailed for 90% of the last several million years. Extreme cold. Biting cold. Cold too intense for bikinis and swimming trunks. No matter what scary scenarios global-warming enthusiasts dream up, they pale in comparison with the conditions another ice age would deliver. Look to our past climate. Fifteen thousand years ago, an ice sheet a kilometer and a half thick covered all of North America north of a line stretching from somewhere around Seattle to Cleveland and New York City.
Instead of reducing CO2, we should, perhaps, be increasing it. We should pay the smokestack industries hard dollars for every kilogram of soot they pump into the atmosphere. Instead of urging Chinese to stop using coal and turn instead to nuclear-generated electricity, we should beg them to continue using coal. Rather than bringing us to the edge of global-warming catastrophe, anthropogenic climate change may have spared us descent into what would be the most serious and far-reaching challenge facing humankind in the 21st century - dealing with a rapidly deteriorating climate that wants to plunge us into an ice age. Let's hope Antarctica and Greenland melt. Let's hope the sea levels rise. All life glorifies warmth. Only death prefers the icy fingers of endless winter.

The current panic over Global Warming, dismissed as dishonest and ‘junk science’ by many of the world’s top scientists, is being fuelled by outright lies and blatant scaremongering. Even our love of animals is being used against us, in order to persuade us to accept their theories as facts. ‘Tigers, Polar Bears, and umpteen other animals, could be extinct within thirty-years.’ So runs an advertisement currently appearing on television. A Daily Mail article on Friday June 15th 2007 told us “According to statistics, the worldwide polar bear population is around 20,000 and declining at the rate of 22 per cent a year”.
Chilling stuff, if it were true.
However, according to the World Wildlife Fund, about 20 distinct polar bear populations currently exist, accounting for approximately 22,000 polar bears worldwide. Of those distinct populations only two, representing about 16.4 percent of the total population, are decreasing. At the same time, 10 populations representing approximately 45.4 percent of the total population are stable, and 2 populations representing about 13.6 percent of the total number of polar bears are increasing.
But facts don't mean much to the alarmists. They have much bigger fish to fry.
Such is the religous fervour of the green fanatics, that it has been agreed that poor countries, such as Africa will not be allowed to develop. Power stations that provide electricity will be denied to them. Better they starve to death or die of lack of thirst, than produce the dreaded CO2. Such is the fanatacism of the Greens, that they are prepared to walk over the corpses of millions in order to enforce their misguided beliefs.
And the chief architect of Global Warming, Al Gore? A man too dim to defeat a simpleton like George.W.Bush? Well his film, An Inconvenient Truth, won an Oscar, even though there was very little truth but loads of science fiction contained in it. His company expects to make billions by selling 'Carbon Offsets', the benefits of which are a newer version of 'The King's New Clothes.' Gore seems to be so fond of fairy tales that he scripted one of his own.
Whenever politicians need to raise money, or to distract us from their glittering dishonesty and incompetence, they try to frighten us by scaremongering. Gordon Brown will raise billions of pounds in new taxes using global warming as his excuse, but to demonstrate just how concerned he, or New Labour, are about climate change, consider this: according to government figures, there were 2,718,080 household pensioners claiming pension credit in Nov 2006,and each and every one of those pensioners will soon be made to travel, every week, by car or bus to collect their pensions. That’s a staggering one-hundred-and fifty-million-plus unnecessary road journeys a year, courtesy of Gordon Brown’s determination to eliminate the Post Office.

The GOS says: We didn't write this page ourselves, but pinched it from some newspaper or other. Normally we do at least have the decency to acknowledge the author, but in this case we've actually forgotten who it was. Sorry.

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