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UN Data shows "Warming has Stopped!" - Climate Fears Called "Hogwash" - "Global Carbon Tax" Urged

From the Senate EPW Website

Part one:

Part Two:

UN Data shows "Warming has Stopped!" - Climate Fears Called "Hogwash" - "Global Carbon Tax" Urged
Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Posted By Marc Morano – 4:34 PM – Marc_Morano@EPW.Senate.Gov

UN Data shows ‘Warming has Stopped!’ – Climate Fears Called ‘Hogwash’ – ‘Global Carbon Tax’ Urged

Aussie Scientist Says ‘No relationship between CO2 and temperature’

Weblink To This Report:

Read Part Two of this Report here:

Washington DC - The bad news for global warming alarmists just keeps rolling in. Below is a very small sampling of very inconvenient developments for Gore, the United Nations, and the mainstream media. Peer-reviewed studies, analyses, and prominent scientists continue to speak out to refute climate fears. The majority of data presented below is from just the past week. Also see: U.S. Senate Minority Report: “Over 400 Prominent Scientists (and rapidly growing) Disputed Man-Made Global Warming Claims in 2007” & ‘Consensus’ On Man-Made Global Warming Collapses in 2008 - July 18, 2008 & An August 2007 report detailed how proponents of man-made global warming fears enjoy a monumental funding advantage over skeptical scientists. LINK


UN Conference Greeted with UN Data Showing ‘Warming has Stopped!’ - - December 2, 2008

Excerpt: 10,000 people from 86 countries have descended upon Poznan, Poland for yet-another United Nations meeting on climate change. This time, it’s the annual confab of the nations that signed the original U.N. climate treaty in Rio in 1992. That instrument gave rise to the infamous 1996 Kyoto Protocol on global warming, easily the greatest failure in the history of environmental diplomacy. Kyoto was supposed to reduce global emissions of carbon dioxide below 1990 levels during the period 2008-2012. But since it was signed, the atmospheric concentration of this putative pollutant continued to rise, pretty much at the same rate it did before Kyoto. […] Since Kyoto, a very funny thing has happened to global temperatures: IPCC data clearly show that warming has stopped—even though its computer models said such a thing could not happen. According to the IPCC, the world reached its high-temperature mark in 1998, thanks to a big “El Niño,” which is a temporary warming of the tropical Pacific Ocean that occurs once or twice a decade. […] Even if the earth resumes warming at the pre-1998 rate, we will have nearly a quarter-century without a significant warming trend.

‘Save the planet! Ban warming summits!’13,000 tons of CO2 released for UN Conference - Andrew Bolt Blog - December 02, 2008

Excerpt: No one is gassier than a global warming alarmist: Around 13,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) will be added to the Earth’s greenhouse effect from the December 1-12 meeting of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the UNFCCC said. That estimate is based on a turnout of 8,000 people, but as of Sunday 10,657 people had registered for the talks

TV meteorologists dismiss global warming fears as 'hogwash' – Cleveland Plain Dealer – December 2, 2008

Excerpt: "This cry that 'We're all going to die' is an overreaction and just not good science," said Andre Bernier, a meteorologist at WJW Channel 8. "I don't think I personally know any meteorologists -- here in Cleveland or anywhere else I've worked -- who agree with the hype over human-induced warming." […] Prime-time doubters - But, there are doubters -- all AMS certified -- in prominent on-air positions at each of the four Cleveland television stations. Bernier and Dick Goddard -- the patriarch of Cleveland weather forecasters -- predict the weather at WJW Channel 8. Both cite natural fluctuations in the Earth's climate and dismiss the industrialization of the 20th century and the subsequent spike in atmospheric carbon dioxide as the cause for warming. Goddard compared the current anxiety over warming with the global cooling concerns of the 1970s, which have since dissipated. He and Bernier both point to solar cycles as the key ingredient in climate change. Bernier also said he believes the climate is no longer warming -- but, rather, cooling again. "I have a hunch that in 10 years we're all going to be longing for global warming because it will be so cold," Bernier said. […]"Climate records also show that long before industrialization, the Vikings had settled in Greenland because it was warm enough," said Jon Loufman, who has taught meteorology courses at both Case Western Reserve University and Lakeland Community College. "I think the jury is still out on this."

When the warmest year in history isn't - Dissenting 'scientists keep coming out of the woodwork' – November 30, 2008

Excerpt: MIT Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Atmospheric Sciences Richard S. Lindzen recently wrote, "There has been no warming since 1997 and no statistically significant warming since 1995." Such findings rarely are reported, even though - as Marc Morano, communications director for the Republicans on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, told me - "Scientists keep coming out of the woodwork" to challenge the so-called consensus. "It's almost like a bandwagon effect."

International poll: 'Growing public reluctance' to support global warming efforts – November 27, 2008

Excerpt: Efforts to support global climate-change falls: There is both growing public reluctance to make personal sacrifices and a distinct lack of enthusiasm for the major international efforts now underway to battle climate change, according to findings of a poll of 12,000 citizens in 11 countries, including Canada.

Aussie scientist says 'audiences becoming more receptive' to skepticism – ‘There is no relationship between CO2 and temperature’ - November 27, 2008

Excerpt: One of Australia's leading enviro-sceptics, the geologist and University of Adelaide professor Ian Plimer, 62, says he has noticed audiences becoming more receptive to his message that climate change has always occurred and there is nothing we can do to stop it. […] His two-hour presentation included more than 50 charts and graphs, as well as almost 40 pages of references. It is the basis of his new book, Heaven And Earth: The Missing Science Of Global Warming, to be published early next year. Plimer said one of the charts, which plots atmospheric carbon dioxide and temperature over 500 million years, with seemingly little correlation, demonstrates one of the "lessons from history" to which geologists are privy: "There is no relationship between CO2 and temperature."

MIT Scientist: CO2 fears 'a leverage point to control everything from exhalation to driving'- Popular Technology - November 20, 2008

Excerpt: Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is Not Pollution - CO2 for different people has different attractions. After all, what is it? - it’s not a pollutant, it’s a product of every living creature’s breathing, it’s the product of all plant respiration, it is essential for plant life and photosynthesis, it’s a product of all industrial burning, it’s a product of driving – I mean, if you ever wanted a leverage point to control everything from exhalation to driving, this would be a dream. So it has a kind of fundamental attractiveness to bureaucratic mentality." - Richard S. Lindzen, Ph.D. Professor of Atmospheric Science, MIT.

European metal workers protest EU's climate policy – December 3, 2008

Excerpt: "We don't want to lose our job," one protester said, adding that the new regulations will possibly kill the steel industry in Europe. Several protesters held a coffin to indicate that the European steel industry will die when EU's climate change plan is implemented.

Climate Scientist “Solves” Global Warming! – ‘Move about 30 miles to the north’ to offset predicted temps – By Dr. Ben Herman – December 2, 2008

Dr. Herman is the past director of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics and former Head of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Arizona

Excerpt: “I have a solution for all those who fear the consequences of global warming. Tell them to move about 30 miles to the north and that will offset thee 1 to 1.5 deg F global warming that has taken place during the 20th century.”

Chemical Scientist Dr. Brian Valentine – ‘Knock off 7 Miles’ of Dr. Herman’s “Solution” for Cooling since 2000 - December 2, 2008

By Chemical Scientist Dr. Brian G. Valentine, professor at University of Maryland, who has studied computational fluid dynamics and modeling of complex systems.

Excerpt: “You can knock about 7 miles off of that 30 miles North as a result of cooling that has occurred since the year 2000.”

Excerpt: The official Name of the Kyoto Accord is: KYOTO PROTOCOL TO THE UNITED NATIONS FRAMEWORK CONVENTION ON CLIMATE CHANGE. The objective of the Accord is to reduce the impact of observed increases in global temperatures using 1990 as the reference year for a target. If we take the average global temperature in 1990 as a "zero reference", the average temperature for 2002 can be seen to be about 0.35øC, and the average temperature for the last 12 months is back down to about 0.05øC. The best fit linear trend since 2002 is about 0.025øC/year of cooling, and at this rate we will have met the Kyoto target of 1990 temperature in just two years without having done anything! If the Kyoto target of 1990 global temperature will be met in just two years in spite of the continued increase in CO2 emissions, doesn't it seem a bit odd that the world leaders are willing to sacrifice the global economy to reduce CO2 emissions as though CO2 emissions reductions, and not global temperature stabilization, was the objective of the Kyoto Protocol?

Obama Urged to Adopt a 'Global Carbon Tax'- ‘Cap-and-trade approach won't stop global warming’ – By RALPH NADER and TOBY HEAPS Wall Street Journal - DECEMBER 3, 2008

Excerpt: A tax on CO2 emissions -- not a cap-and-trade system -- offers the best prospect of meaningfully engaging China and the U.S., while avoiding the prospect of unhinged environmental protectionism. China emphatically opposes a hard emissions cap on its economy.

'Expect more global cooling'... La Niña may be returning – December 2, 2008

La Niña may be returning La Niña, a Pacific atmospheric phenomenon that ended during the summer, to be replaced by ENSO-neutral conditions, shows some signs of life again.Click the picture above for more maps. The weekly status (click PDF or PPT) indicates that the ENSO region 1+2 has a -0.9 °C anomaly (page 5/30). The regions 3, 3.4, and 4 have -0.4 °C which is close to -0.5 °C, the official cutoff for the La Niña regime (decided according to the 3.4 region).If La Niña returns, expect more global cooling to be more likely than global warming. Plan for more snow in Colorado and many other things. The cool phase of the PDO (Pacific Decadal Oscillation) could bring more frequent La Niñas in the next 20-30 years and less frequent El Niños and take the global temperature down.

Must Read! Scientist Rips U.S. MAYORS CLIMATE PROTECTION AGREEMENT – December 3, 2008

By Richard Courtney, a UN IPCC expert reviewer and a UK-based climate and atmospheric science consultant: Excerpt: Concern at the possible effect of increased GHGs in the air has existed since the 1880s. […] To date, no scientific evidence of any kind has been obtained to support the hypothesis. The existence of global warming (GW) is not evidence of anthropogenic (i.e. man-made) global warming (AGW) because warming of the Earth does not prove that human activity warmed it. […] There is no “global warming pollution” and something that does not exist cannot be reduced. I assume that by “global warming pollution” the document means greenhouse gases (GHGs).

U.S. Scientist Predicts Global Cooling – November 7, 2008

By Dr. Robert H. Essenhigh, a Bailey Professor of Energy Conversion in the department of Mechanical Engineering at Ohio State University, who has published over 45 peer-reviewed studies.

Excerpt: Robert Essenhigh has been making a steady ongoing case for a pending global cooling scenario, which can happen as early as the next decade -2012-2015 or onwards. He proposes that it is the temperature that drives CO2 release and not the other way around, as most people are predicting.

Climatologist Cliff Harris Predicts ‘at least 23-year cycle of global cooling’ – November 16, 2008 - Cliff Harris bio here:

Excerpt: Several Canadian environmental scientists agree that the new Jason satellite indicates at least a 23-year cycle of global cooling ahead. Count me in! This oceanographic satellite shows a much larger than normal persistent Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO). Cooler PDO phases usually last 21 to 25 years, so we should be quite chilly as a planet until at least 2030, maybe longer. […] These alternating natural climatic cycles defy the so-called "climate consensus" that human-emitted carbon dioxide was responsible totally for the recent cycle of global warming that began in the late 1970s and peaked in 1998.

‘We seem to have entered a cooling phase’ - A COMPREHENSIVE REPLY TO A CLIMATE ALARMIST – December 2, 2008

Excerpt: Global warming seems to have stopped for now at least. There has been no warming trend since about 2001, and no increase in ocean heat content since 2003, despite rising CO2 emissions. We seem to have entered a cooling phase of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) which should last to about 2030

Sun's Magnetic Field May Impact Weather And Climate – NOT GREENHOUSE EFFECT - Sun Cycle Can Predict Rainfall Fluctuations – December 3, 2008

Excerpt: The sun’s magnetic field may have a significant impact on weather and climatic parameters in Australia and other countries in the northern and southern hemispheres. According to a study in Geographical Research, the droughts are related to the solar magnetic phases and not the greenhouse effect.

Flashback: Report Debunks Warming Fears – June 20, 2008 - U.S. Climate Change Science Program (CCSP) - an assessment report titled “Weather and Climate Extremes in a Changing Climate.

Excerpt: A sampling of what the report reveals includes: Hurricanes declining, no long term increases in drought - There have been no observed changes in the occurrence of tornadoes or thunderstorms - There have been no long-term increases in strong East Coast winter storms (ECWS), called Nor’easters - There are no long-term trends in either heat waves or cold spells, though there are trends within shorter time periods in the overall record. But all of the above appear to be INCREASING in unverified climate models. Computer models predictions are not evidence.

UK Paper: Obama Proposes "Economic Suicide" for U.S. Based on "Self-Deluding Lies" of Global Warming – November 29, 2008

UN says hundreds of billions more dollars likely needed to reduce emissions by 2030 – November 28, 2008

Every UK household 'will have to pay £500 a year to fight climate change' -- may force 1.7million people into fuel poverty – December 2, 2008

Excerpt: Warning: Lord Turner said the UK must cut carbon emissions by 34% by 2020Tough new targets on tackling climate change will cost Britain £500 a year per household, push up utility bills and force 1.7million Britons into fuel poverty by 2020. The grim predictions came from independent Government advisers yesterday as they set targets for slashing greenhouse gas emissions.

Time to Ditch Kyoto, The Sequel – December 1, 2008 By Gwyn Prins, of the London School of Economics

New Study in Quaternary Research finds Medieval Warm Period ‘warmer’ than current temps – December 3, 2008

Excerpt: The Medieval Warm Period in Canada's Columbia Icefield - In viewing the researchers' results, it can be seen that the peak winter temperature of the Medieval Climate Anomaly -- or Medieval Warm Period, as we typically refer to it -- throughout Canada's Columbia Icefield was warmer than the peak temperature of the Current Warm Period (which appears to have occurred ~1915), while it was even warmer than the mean temperature of the 1941-1990 base period, as well as the mean temperature of the last ten years of that period (1980-1990). Hence, it is becoming ever more clear (see our Medieval Warm Period Project ) that recent temperatures around the world have not been "unprecedented" over the past one to two millennia, as climate alarmists typically claim they have.

Report: 'CA intentionally skewed its analysis of the economic effects of its climate change plan', review finds – December 2, 2008

Excerpt: California intentionally skewed its analysis of the economic effects of its climate change plan, according to a review by state-commissioned economists. All six economists found the analysis deeply flawed, and several even said the state hand-picked data to improve the economic case for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We’re shocked, shocked to find that the political interests that want the rest of us to believe global warming is a true threat have cooked the books to promote the state’s onerous and presumptuous Global Warming Solutions Act. Utterly shocking. Who would ever have expected such stuff from people of such integrity and impeccable credentials? Well, OK. Maybe we would expect it considering the track record.

Global warming partisan Joe Romm says ‘Obama won’t be able to ratify any global climate’ – December 2, 2008

Excerpt: I have argued that Obama won’t be able to ratify any global climate treaty that is likely to come out of Copenhagen next December. Since the only thing worse than no global climate treaty in 2009 is a treaty that the President can’t get ratified, Obama, I believe, should be lowering expectations rather than making promises he can’t keep.

Physicist says warming fears 'manipulated by a political agenda with no scientific basis' – ‘Makes much more scientific sense for the EPA to regulate HUMIDITY!’ – November 30, 2008

By Research physicist John W. Brosnahan, who develops remote-sensing instruments for atmospheric science for such clients as NOAA and NASA and has published numerous peer-reviewed research.

Excerpt: As a research physicist who has spent the past 30 years of my career in atmospheric science, I am surprised that government agencies, politicians, and much of the public have been manipulated by a political agenda with no scientific basis, which is the best way to describe the "non-link" between CO2 and global warming. There is virtually NO physical science to support any role of man's generation of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in climate change.

Hurricane expert: CO2 impacts on Hurricane likely ‘within noise level of our measurement capability’ – December 3, 2008

By renowned hurricane forecaster Dr. William Gray, Emeritus Professor of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University (CSU), and head of the schools Tropical Meteorology Project.

Excerpt: The influence of rises in atmospheric CO2 on hurricane activities is likely to be very small and within the noise level of our measurement capability or of any reliable numerical model output. There is no way of telling whether CO2 rises might have a miniscule positive or a miniscule negative effect on hurricane frequency or intensity. It would be unwise for our society to reduce atmospheric CO2 gases under the naïve belief that we would in any way be reducing the damage from these storms.

UN Climatologist Dr. Robert C. Balling Jr. ‘We’ve actually been rather cold the last million years’ – November 18, 2008

(Climatologist Dr. Robert Balling of Arizona State University, the former head of the university’s Office of Climatology, has served as a climate consultant to the United Nations Environment Program, the World Climate Program, the World Meteorological Organization, and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Balling, who has also served in the UN IPCC. Excerpt: But if you said how about for the last 6 years from 2002 to present, all three show cooling. So you could answer the question a thousand different ways - if you said is the earth warming and you mean the last 100 years, the answer’s yes; if you mean the last 1000 years the answer may not be yes, or if you mean how about the last million years, the answer is well, we’ve actually been rather cold the last million years.

Scientists urge Indonesian symposium 'to avoid the hysteria of global-warming alarmists' – November 24, 2008

Excerpt: Indonesia’s National Agency for Meteorology & Geophysics plays host to the International Symposium on Climate and Weather of the Sun-Earth System in Jakarta on November 24th-26th 2008.In this article Dr. Willie Soon, geo-scientist at the Solar, Stellar and Planetary Sciences division of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, and Lord Christopher Monckton, chief policy adviser to the Science and Public Policy Institute in Washington DC., urge the assembled scientists to avoid the hysteria of global-warming alarmists, and instead study solar activity. […] Half a billion years ago, there was almost 20 times today’s CO2 concentration. Most farmers would prefer to grow crops under much-higher concentrations of CO2 than today’s 385 parts per million—less than 1/25 of 1 percent of the atmosphere. To feed the world, low CO2 concentration is not such a great idea. High concentrations are better, and they cause no harm.

‘Participants in the climate debate are not objective’ – November 27, 2008

Excerpt: It is unwise to massively reorder our society based on interpretations of extraordinarily complex data conducted by people who are not neutral as to the result. When scientists who believe in global warming stop calling colleagues who disagree with them “Flat Earthers” and “Neanderthals”, or insist that “the debate is over” and therefore it is illegitimate to question them, then I may be willing to listen to their arguments. Not until then.

'Growing up with global warming': New TV special looks at kids fears in 'a world in the grips of a climate crisis' – November 29, 2008

Excerpt: Bob Woodruff sits down with students from third, fourth, and fifth grade classes at a school in Brooklyn. They tell him their hopes and fears for a world in the grips of a climate crisis and offer their words for the world to hear.

Captain Planet newsletter for kids promotes eco-propaganda – November 29, 2008


By IPCC 2007 Expert Reviewer Madhav Khandekar, a Ph.D meteorologist, a scientist with the Natural Resources Stewardship Project who has over 45 years experience in climatology, meteorology and oceanography, and who has published nearly 100 papers, reports, book reviews and a book on Ocean Wave Analysis and Modeling.

Excerpt: I like to ask my favorite question one more time: Where is Global Warmimg? Delegates attending the UNFCCC Meeting in Poland please take note: Global Warming has stopped! […] I fully share the commentaries and views expressed by David Whitehouse & Paul Biggs yesterday. It is now generally accepted by most scientists (except some die-hard AGW adherents) that the earth's mean temperature has NOT (I repeat NOT) increased in the last few years, OR to be precise, NOT increased since about mid-1998, when the SSTs (Sea Surface temperatures) started to decline. Since then, SSTs have declined steadily over world-oceans and as a result the land area mean temperature has stayed essentially the same over Northern Hemisphere (due to large urban effects which the AGW adherents refuse to accept) while in the Southern Hemisphere the mean temperature has definitely declined, as shown clearly by the satellite data...

'There is a statistically significant inverse relationship between pirates and global temperature' – November 29, 2008
Excerpt: Now that a surge in pirate stories coincides with apparent global cooling, can anyone still deny that pirates drive global temperature? Less Pirates = Global Warming - "You may be interested to know that global warming, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters are a direct effect of the shrinking numbers of Pirates since the 1800s. For your interest, I have included a graph of the approximate number of pirates versus the average global temperature over the last 200 years. As you can see, there is a statistically significant inverse relationship between pirates and global temperature."

Good impact! Global warming may cause decline in melanoma cases by speeding up recovery of the ozone layer – Monday, 01 Dec 2008

Excerpt: New Zealand could lose its unenviable reputation as the skin-cancer centre of the world thanks to climate change. […] …there may be cause for celebration, with some scientists believing that by the second half of this century the rate will be falling. Scientists think that climate change will speed up a recovery of the ozone layer over much of the world and block out more of the damaging UV rays.

Antarctica: Slight cooling in last 30 years - November 30, 2008

Excerpt: "Overall trend since 1979 for Antarctica is slightly negative. Now, take a gander at this chart, use your common sense, and then you tell me whether or not the melting of the South Pole is about to doom us all." "2008 update on Antarctic temperatures -- RSS"- Posted by jblethen at 11/30/2008

NASA's Hansen calls cap-and-trade a 'terrible' approach – November 30, 2008

Excerpt: Jim Hansen, director of the Nasa God-dard space…, believes carbon trading is a “terrible” approach. “Carbon trading does not solve the emission problem at all,” he says. “In fact it gives industries a way to avoid reducing their emissions. The rules are too complex and it creates an entirely new class of lobbyists and fat cats.”

Climatologist Dr. Legates: 'For much of the last 150,000 years, the earth has been colder than it is now' – November 13, 2008

Excerpt: An associate professor at the University of Delaware, Dr. Legates also serves as Delaware's state climatologist, though the position does not obligate him to share the views of other state officials. […] But, he emphasized, the climate always has been changing. “It's never been a constant," he said. "Climate is dynamic." Over the past million years, the climate has varied extremely and, for much of the last 150,000 years, the earth has been colder than it is now, he said. In fact, he said, scientists differ strongly as to what extent humans cause global warming by using machines that emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Scientists also, he added, disagree as to what the future consequences are and what can be done about them.

NYTimes: Farmers Panic About a ‘Cow Tax’ - December 1, 2008

Excerpt: Should their greenhouse gases be taxed? The comment period for the Environmental Protection Agency’s exploration of greenhouse gas regulation ended last Friday, with farmers lobbying furiously against the notion of a “cow tax” on methane, a potent greenhouse gas emitted by livestock. The New York Farm Bureau issued a statement last week (PDF) saying it feared that a tax could reach $175 per cow, $87.50 per head of beef cattle and upward of $20 for each hog.

Criminalizing Carbon INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY – December 1, 2008

Excerpt: Vaclav Klaus, president of the Czech Republic, and next head of the European Union starting in January, recognizes such authoritarianism and totalitarianism when he sees it. He sees global warming hype not as an attempt to save the planet but as a campaign to collectivize it, to put the nations of the world and their economies under the thumbs of global planners.

UN Still Pedaling PANIC: UN says 'war, hunger, poverty and sickness will stalk humanity' if global warming not stopped – December 2, 2008

Excerpt: A volley of grim warnings sounded out at the start of the marathon talks, a step to a new worldwide treaty to reduce greenhouse gases and help countries exposed to the wrath of an altered climate. “Humankind in its activity just reached the limits of the closed system of our planet Earth," said Polish Environment Minister Maciej Nowicki, elected to chair the December 1-12 meeting in the city of Poznan. “

'Highly likely that 2008' will see 'no increase in global temperatures' – December 2, 2008 – By UK Astronomer Dr. David Whitehouse, who authored the 2004 book The Sun: A Biography.

Excerpt: In a few weeks the data will be in on the global average temperature for 2008. Although one should always be wary about assumptions regarding data (the December data hasn1t been measured yet) it does seem highly likely that 2008 will continue the trend seen in recent years (since 2001) of no increase in global temperatures. […] If temperature increases it is global warming, if it does otherwise it is climate change. Leave the models to one side for a moment and ponder that the only way to prove the global warming hypothesis is wrong is if the temperatures doesn't rise as the CO2 does. If that happened what will real world data look like?

Every UK household 'will have to pay £500 a year to fight climate change' -- may force 1.7million people into fuel poverty – UK Daily Mail – December 2, 2008

Warning: Lord Turner said the Excerpt: UK must cut carbon emissions by 34% by 2020Tough new targets on tackling climate change will cost Britain £500 a year per household, push up utility bills and force 1.7million Britons into fuel poverty by 2020.

2008 in Top Five Years for Sunspotless Days Last Century - Could End Up #3 or Even #2 - November 30, 2008

By Meteorologist Joseph D’Aleo, CCM, AMS Fellow

Excerpt: One of our loyal Canadian Icecap readers asked us to comment on the fact we are now at the end of November, in the top five years with the most sunspotless days the last century and heading towards a #3 or even #2 finish depending on how many spotless days we have in December. Here is a comparison of monthly spotless days in this cycle 23 minimum (red) versus the last cycle 22 minimum in the mid 1990s (blue). […] So far in the solar minimum after cycle 23, we have had 483 spotless days, the most since cycles 14-16, in the early 1900s. […]QUIET SOLAR PERIODS ARE COLD PERIODS - Case in point the Maunder Minimum during the little ice age, virtually spotless for decades/centuries from the late 1400s to early 1700s. The early 1800 quiet sun period known as the Dalton Minimum was a mini ice age. Cold returned in the late 1800s and early 1900s with again a declining sun.

More sea level hype: Venice - December 02, 2008

Venice is subsiding, "rising sea levels" are not to blame.

"It seems a bit odd" - Excerpt: The best fit linear trend since 2002 is about 0.025°C/year of cooling, and at this rate we will have met the Kyoto target of 1990 temperature in just two years without having done anything! ... If the Kyoto target of 1990 global temperature will be met in just two years in spite of the continued increase in CO2 emissions, doesn't it seem a bit odd that the world leaders are willing to sacrifice the global economy to reduce CO2 emissions as though CO2 emissions reductions, and not global temperature stabilization, was the objective of the Kyoto Protocol?" Norm Kalmanovitch, email to Benny Peiser, CCNet

Kyoto is designed to throttle industry, not temperature. – December 2, 2008

See a number of comments from Christopher Monckton here - December 01, 2008

Saving the Planet? Carbon Dioxide Levels

[Climate Researcher Lord Christopher Monckton:] It is interesting that true believers in the new imperialist religion that is “global warming” blithely make statements, such as “Your work has been discredited by leading climate scientists”, but without providing a single reference to any paper in the peer-reviewed literature that refutes my conclusions as published in Physics and Society for July 2008.

The Global Warming Thought Police Are Here – Dissenters labeled ‘Traitors’ – December 1, 2008

Excerpt: But for the left, massive government intervention to combat global warming has become such a doctrine of faith that no dissent is to be tolerated. So last week when the White House reminded mayors from around the nation to lodge their opinions with the EPA, the Center for American Progress labeled the effort ‘Treason‘.

A New Paper “Changes In Climate And Land Use Have A Larger Direct impact Than Rising CO2 On Global River Runoff Trends” by Piao et al. 2007 - December 2, 2008

Excerpt: The last sentence in the above extract from the conclusions that “The roles of vegetation growth feedbacks and land-use change cannot be ignored when projecting future changes in hydrologic processes and climate”, and the conclusion in the abstract that “Land-use change has been strongest in tropical regions, and its contribution [to runoff] is substantially larger than that of climate change” reinforces the conclusions presented, for example, inPielke Sr., R.A., 2005: Land use and climate change. Science, 310, 1625-1626.

Heliogenic Climate Change: A depressing prospect – December 2, 2008

Excerpt: ...These unnecessary and destructive actions can be undone in years to come when reality intrudes and it becomes obvious that the AGW scam is the biggest hoax in scientific history, but untold damage will be done in the meantime. Ecotheists have been trying to bring down the American economy and return us to the Stone Age for decades. They may have succeeded. And that's the memo.

BOOKS: Money being made from warming scare – Washington Times - December 2, 2008


REVIEWED BY LARRY THORNBERRY: Christopher C. Horner has deconstructed global-warming alarmism before, but in "Red Hot Lies," he focuses on how the global-warming industry, with huge money and power on the line, defends itself and perpetuates its beliefs.

Should the U.S. give away $143 billion of taxpayer money (annually?) so that other countries can fight a non-problem?

China Negotiates Global Warming – China Addressing Climate Change -

China is also asking the richest countries to commit to donating 1% of their gross domestic product to help poor countries fight global warming.

United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The U.S. economy is the largest national economy in the world, with an estimated 2008 gross domestic product (GDP) of US$14.3 trillion...

Will the U.N. Chill Out on Climate Change? - December 2, 2008

Global warming ‘unlikely to be the 21st century’s most important environmental problem’ – November 21, 2008

By Indur M Goklany, Ph.D, who has represented the United States at the International Panel on Climate Change and in the negotiations leading to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Excerpt: I examine this issue in a refereed paper to be published in Energy & Environment. The abstract reads: Mortality estimates for the year 2000 from the World Health Organization (WHO) indicate, however, that a dozen other risk factors contribute more to global mortality and global burden of disease. Moreover, the state-of-the-art British-sponsored fast track assessments (FTAs) of the global impacts of climate change show that through 2085-2100, climate change would contribute less to human health and environmental threats than other risk factors. Climate change is, therefore, unlikely to be the 21st century’s most important environmental problem.

It's jobless being green: Cap-and-trade 'a lousy way to spend taxpayers’ dollars' & 'wildly impractical' – November 21, 2008

UK at 'real risk' of power shortages, due to 'shift to more environmentally friendly methods'- November 24, 2008

Bjorn Lomborg: Obama's 'green revolution' called into question: 'Cold cash on its own can't cool a warm globe'- November 24, 2008

UK Labour Pary Councillor Dissents: ‘Global warming is a huge fiction’ – November 18, 2008

(bio on Evans here)

Global warming discussion likened to ‘religious service’ – By UK’s Nigel Lawson's speech before the House of Lords given on November 17, 2008.

Excerpt: It is possible that I have had slightly more influence in that way on affairs than by speaking in this House. That is not the only reason why I have not spoken previously in this House on the Bill. The other reason is that I felt that it was unbecoming for an unbeliever to take part in a religious service, which is what all this is really about.

Colorado Rep. Kevin Lundberg Obama's Global Warming Policies Are Not Based on Scientific Evidence – November 21, 2008

Excerpt: Where are the Facts? The Republican Study Committee of Colorado (RSCC) challenges President-elect Obama to provide any evidence that the opinions he cited in his first major policy statement on global warming are based in reality. RSCC chairman, Rep. Kevin Lundberg, said "It sounded more like something a Hollywood speech writer would put together for a movie script, rather than a serious policy statement for a president-elect.”

Environmentalism's Appropriation of Christianity – December 2, 2008

Excerpt: Eco-Christology is not the central belief system of the environmental movement. Central movement myths are: industrial pollution is destroying the Earth; the wilderness can withstand no more human incursion; there are too many people; technology is out of control; there is an ecological crisis, etc. The environmental movement is not merely trying to get preachers to embrace these myths. They want preachers, teachers, professors, journalists, editors, baristas, barbers, and bartenders to embrace these myths.

Russian scientist: 'There could be a period of global cooling linked to the sun's activity' – RIA Novosti - December 1, 2008

By Alexander Bedritsky, the head of the Russian hydrometeorological service.

Excerpt: He said that a number of theories existed including that there could be a period of global cooling linked to the sun's activity. "None of the hypotheses can either be checked or discarded," he said. "There is an opinion that Europe will freeze should the Gulf Stream disappear. I do not share such unequivocal opinions," Bedritsky said.

Now Available! The CO2 Skeptics Handbook - December 1st 2008

Excerpt: Take time out to look at this link by Joanna Nova, it's a 15 page download full of facts, graphs & pictures and very well presented, you should email the link for others to read.

Myths about energy threaten future of nation: IOGA exec - - 'Fossil fuels are not ruining the environment' - Carmi Times - Nov 21, 2008

Stubborn glaciers fail to retreat, awkward polar bears continue to multiply – November 23, 2008

U.S Scientist: The Religion of Global Warming – December 1, 2008
By Jack Dini, , a materials engineer and section leader of fabrication processes at Lawrence Livermore National Labs.

Excerpt: Do you want to position yourself as a humanitarian concerned with the grandest issue of the planet’s survival20and capture the high ground as a defender of the interests of humanity? If so, embrace global warming. And if you seek even a higher level, allow global warming to be your new religion.

Statistician debunks Gore's climate linkage of the collapse of the Mayan civilization - 'Gore is advocating the abandonment of the IPCC doctrine'- November 28, 2008

By Statistician Dr. Richard Mackey - Excerpt: This is a most curious reference. It means that Gore is advocating the abandonment of the IPCC doctrine and barracking for the study and understanding of climate dynamics that ignores totally the IPCC/AWG doctrine and focuses on all the other variables, especially how climate dynamics are driven by atmospheric/oceanic oscillations, the natural internal dynamics of the climate system and the role of the Sun in climate dynamics.

'This is nature's way of cocking a snook at the experts' - Ski resorts across Europe revel in white gold after best snowfall in decade – November 28, 2008

Excerpt: The exceptional conditions, including 60cm (23in) of snow on Alpine slopes and even more in the Pyrenees, has given a much needed boost to the ski industry after claims that global warming could devastate its multibillion-pound business. “This is nature's way of cocking a snook at the experts,” said Christian Rochette, the director of Ski France International, the tourist body for French resorts.

Despite extreme cold, 'stories about global warming have not stopped' - The Australian – November 29, 2008

Excerpt: ABC board member Keith Windschuttle said yesterday the national broadcaster was in breach of its charter to provide a diversity of views. "The ABC and the Fairfax press rarely provide an opportunity for global warming sceptics to put their view," Mr Windschuttle said. "The science is not settled. "We are seeing an increasing number of people with impeccable scientific backgrounds questioning part or whole of the story. I don't believe the ABC has been reflecting the genuine diversity of the debate.

Sudden cold weather endangers sea turtles; many being rescued – November 27, 2008

Glaciers in Norway Growing Again – November 27, 2008

Washington Times - PRUDEN: The killer frost for global warming

Excerpt: It's clear now that the earth has been cooling for the past decade, to the sorrow of the special pleaders and despite everything Al can do about it.

153 record low temperature records set in the US - November 26, 2008

Excerpt: During the week beginning Nov 19, 153 record low temperature records set in the US

Doomed: Over-200-whales-trapped-in-canadian-ice – November 22, 2008

Environmentalists 'outraged over 'review of science'? – November 27, 2008

Warming to 'suppress locust plagues' -- Some locust plagues don't like it hot - environment - 26 November 2008 - New Scientist

Excerpt: It's not often we can report on some good news associated with climate change. But it seems that warming temperatures could give welcome respite to farmers - in China, at least - by suppressing locust plagues.

Global-warming experts say more warmth would 'be beneficial for the world'- November 24, 2008

Excerpt: a group of global-warming experts, made up mainly of university economists and anthropologists, is pushing the notion that global warming might not be an unmitigated disaster, especially for certain northerly regions, such as Canada, Russia and Scandinavia. On the whole, moderate climate change of two degrees Celsius will likely be beneficial for the world, says anthropologist Benny Peiser, of John Moores University England.

Stop the warming! Ban Coke! – November 27, 2008

German Scientist Ernst-Georg Beck’s New Paper - Energy and Environment Volume 19, Number 7, December 2008 , - "50 Years of Continuous Measurement of CO_2 on Mauna Loa"

Excerpt: The concept of carbon dioxide producing the greenhouse effect continues to be promoted. Charles Keeling 50 Years of Continuous Measurement of CO2 on Mauna Loa 1025 Figure 7: Known calibrating and other errors documented in the early measurements of C. Keeling compared to the chemical standard (in red). The historical measurements prior to Mauna Loa in red (dashed line show average counter), the

Mauna Loa data in blue. […] Despite of all this, the IPCC continues to argue that we have a full enough understanding of the carbon cycle to enable computer scenarios resulting in a 90 % confidence for a heated climate future of the world! Yet Russian experts in particular predict a new little ice age up to 2030 deducted from astrophysical cycles.

Environmentalists wage war on the poor: Environmentalist anti-energy policies impose immoral burdens on our poorest citizens – November 10, 2008

Excerpt: Informed voters support conservation and alternative energy. But they know fossil and nuclear fuels created health and living standards unprecedented in history. […] Punishing poor families in the name of speculative climate chaos is insane. We need to bring sanity and compassion back to our energy policies. Drill, mine and use American energy. Demand that politicians and environmentalists end their war on poor families.

Poznan Puffery – UN Climate Conference – By Chris Horner - December 1, 2008

Excerpt: favorite line already emerging as the Poznan talks on Kyoto II kick off this week is that Kyoto I is obviously a success because emissions among covered parties are down 17 percent “since 1990.” […] When West Germany unified with East Germany, the flat-lining economy of the latter allowed the EU-15 (“Europe” for Kyoto purposes) to claim massive CO2 reductions on its carbon balance sheet — an equivalent factor to the UK’s post-1990 dash-to-gas in explaining Europe’s collective emission “reduction.” The other part that they slip in is redefining “Europe” for Kyoto II as the EU-25 (those 25 of the EU-27 who are covered in some way by Kyoto’s promises), the new additions being more of those post-Soviet economic basketcases that have even now not yet recovered to their old levels.

Paper: ‘Could a world recession actually help the climate?’ - Der Spiegel – December 1, 2008

Excerpt: Just as the world gathers in Poland to come up with a new climate treaty to replace the Kyoto Protocol, the global financial meltdown threatens to torpedo the effort. But could a world recession actually help the climate?

A Warm-Monger's Climate Scare Tactic Demolished - Below is an exchange at CCNet between Climate Alarmist Andrew Glikson and Paul Biggs. Glikson lays out a case that sounds solid if one doesn't know how weak it truly is. Dr. Biggs does what I lacked the time to do since it posted; demolishes it completely. (Timothy Birdnow)

Junkscience Journalism: Sea Level Trends in South Pacific - The Earth’s climate is very complex and well beyond the understanding of even the best scientists. The forces “creating” the climate can be powerful, natural, unknown, and interacting in both complex and unknown ways. These forces involve the sun and the many variations of the solar production of radiant heat and light, the variations in solar magnetic fields, variations in sunspots production rates, the solar wind and its interaction between cosmic radiation and interactions with the Earth’s magnetic field. Furthermore there are strong and mostly unexplainable variations in movements of oceanic tides and current variations, about which we also know little. With so much that is unknown and with so much uncertainty about the climate, one would expect that global warming scientists and their swarms supporters in the media, academia, and the political leadership, would be a little cautious, even humble at making sweeping and profound statements of their rigid certitudes. (Michael R. Fox, Hawaii Reporter)

Bill Clinton Puts Global Warming Threat Ahead of Terrorism – December 3, 2008

Excerpt: Speaking at Tuesday's opening session of the Clinton Global Initiative Summit in Hong Kong… Clinton kept his speakers and audience, which included "11 former and current heads of state," focused on climate change and green economics.

Propaganda alert! Warn students! The National Teach-In on Global Warming Solutions, set for Thursday, February 5th.

Excerpt: …more than 400 colleges, universities, high schools and K-8 schools around the country (also churches, synagogues, mosques, libraries, civic organizations and businesses) have signed on to participate.

Warming Activist William Connolley – UN Climate Conference ‘utterly pointless’ - December 03, 2008

Excerpt: All these stupid conferences should be cancelled.

Yet Another Heavyweight Scientist Joins Skeptics! ‘Media drives climate fear with increasingly hysterical messages’ – December 3, 2008

By Dr Art Raiche, former Chief Research Scientist with Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), who was awarded the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (ASEG) Gold Medal in 2006, established the a consortium for research in electromagnetic modeling and inversion. Bio Link:

Excerpt: DOES society benefit from a fear-driven science-funding policy that threatens the livelihood of scientists with the courage to argue against “orthodox” and established “beyond doubt” views on climate? The media drives this fear with increasingly hysterical messages that the earth is getting hotter, that this is being caused by human CO2 emissions and, that without radical social and economic surgery, we will face a myriad of global catastrophes, the like of which have not been seen since the dawn of our history. We are told that all serious scientists agree with this and that those few who dissent are either charlatans or are funded by the fossil fuel companies. Other dissenters are regarded on a par with creationists, Holocaust deniers or supporters of tobacco companies.

Russian Scientist: ‘Protracted cooling period will begin’ – December 3, 2008

Excerpt: Dr. Habibullo Abdussamatov the head of the Space Research Laboratory at the Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory, a man at the pinnacle of Russia’s space-oriented scientific establishment, is a strong critic of manmade CO2 as driving global warming. The Deniers presents his observation that parallel global warmings on Mars and Earth can only be due to a long term change in solar irradiance. He has identified a 200 year cycle in solar activity that has peaked and is now decreasing. He believes that a protracted cooling period will begin in the period 2012-2015 leading to a deep freeze around 2055-60, similar to that of the Little Ice Age. His hypothesis is now the focus of Russian experiments on the International Space Station. Project Astrometria has been given high priority by the Russian and Ukrainian Academies of Science to try to identify the likely duration and depth of the predicted global cooling period.

Save the Environment, Stop the Emissions Trading Scheme - December 3, 2008

By Jennifer Marohasy - Chair, Australian Environment Foundation

Claim of 'first mammal to become extinct due to warming' easily debunked - December 3, 2008

Scientist backs down from media hype - Possums not fried – December 3, 2008

Excerpt: Professor Williams, director of James Cook University’s Centre for Tropical Biodiversity and Climate Change, has since gone on ABC’s The World Today to find an unexpectedly sceptical welcome. Note how fast the claims collapse or become tentative when the most basic questions are[asked]...

ANNIE GUEST: Well therefore is it responsible to make these comments at this time, is it, could it be seen as premature? [….] Williams: …”we had made no claim that it had gone extinct ever. because it’s just as serious if it hasn’t gone extinct.

New paper from Ian Wilson on planetary tidal forces acting on the Sun

By Astronomer Dr. Ian Wilson, who collaborates with researchers at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia, specializes in astrophysics research, and was a former operations astronomer at the Hubble Space Telescope Institute in Baltimore, MD. Excerpt: "Abstract: A parameter that is indicative of the peak planetary tidal forces acting upon the Sun, i.e., changes in the alignment of Jupiter, at the time of inferior and superior conjunctions of Venus and Earth, naturally exhibits characteristics that either mimic or replicate five of the main properties of the solar cycle. These properties include: the Schwabe cycle; the Hale cycle; the Gnevyshev-Ohl rule; the extended solar cycle; and the sunspot cycle's inherent memory. We believe that this result strongly supports the proposal by Hung (2007) that the solar sunspot cycle is being influenced by variations in the planetary tidal forces acting on the Sun. This conclusion is supported by the fact that over the last thousand years, every time the peak planetary tidal forces acting upon the Sun are at their weakest, there has been a period of low solar activity known as a Grand Solar Minimum. ...

Reality Check on Claim that Climate Change Is Now Allegedly the Main Driver of Natural Disasters

Cooling Down - Investor’s Business Daily

Excerpt: A better interpretation of the results would be that a world that has been hammered incessantly by a global warming fear campaign, but which has yet to see any actual warming, has developed a healthy skepticism. That same world has also had a good look at the reality of current economic difficulties and found them more pressing than speculative disasters.

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‘Planet Has Cooled Since Bush Took Office’ & Global Warming Theory has ‘failed consistently and dramatically’ – November 20, 2008

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