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Frod, the well-known automotive manufacturing company, took a full-page advert in the Sunday papers this week at unimaginable cost, to promote their S-Max cars, one of which features in the new James Bond film.
What a pity, then, that some tosser in their advertising agency didn't think to check his spelling. "Licenced" is spelled "licensed".

This image comes off the internet - the newspaper one was similar.

Mind you, this is the same company that made Mrs.GOS's Fiesta (or should that be "Fester" - it seems spelling is unimportant). It has split-fold rear seats. That is to say, the rear seat-back splits and you can fold down either one third of it or two thirds. Trouble is, if you do, the poor passenger hasn't anything to sit on because the rear seat squab isn't split!
Wot a bunsch of wancers.
The GOS says: And please, nobody write in and tell me that it's the American spelling. It ain't. The Americans use "license" and "licensed". Here we use "licence" and "licensed". Nobody uses "licence" and "licenced". And don't think it doesn't matter, either. If they can't spell, what else can't they do? How would you feel about driving round in a car made by someone who couldn't do sums? With a braking system put together by someone who doesn't know left from right?


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