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NO2ID - Stop ID cards and the database state





I suppose it was predictable. Following David Davis' surprising and praiseworthy announcement that he intends to resign and force a by-election over the issue of 42-day detention (and the despicable way McBroon won the vote) and, more importantly, the steady erosion of our civil liberties by the present government, there are signs that his own party are turning on the Shadow Home Secretary. Reports in the newspapers are suggesting that the real reason for his resignation is a disagreement with David Macaroon who has refused to commit himself to reversing the 42-day law for fear of being seen as "soft on terror".

Personally we breathed a sigh of relief when we heard that at long last an MP of whatever party had taken the civil liberties issue seriously enough to actually do something. All hail David Davis for being prepared to put his head above the parapet on behalf of the people of this country, while the rest of his colleagues are more intent on swilling in the Westminster gravy-train.
If the newspapers are right and there really is bad blood between Davis and Macaroon, tough titty. Most of us can see no reason to feel much loyalty to Macaroon - it's not as if he's actually done anything yet to justify his popularity. We imagine most people think much as we do - we'd vote for Macaroon simply because he isn't McGordon McBroon. What more reason do we need?
The last word (on this page anyway) must go to our correspondent M*** J****** who sums it all up rather well
42 days is just the symptom, not the disease. Before ZANU-Labour, good citizens going about their business with reasonable consideration for others had no reason to fear the state. Now we play Russian roulette with laws and regulations intended to create a nation of compliant automatons (except, of course, for radical Muslims, career single mothers, feral yoofs and assorted other undesirables who can pretty much get away with whatever they like).
We can be fined for putting the wrong kind of plastic in the wrong kind of bin, for putting the bin out for collection in not quite the right place or not quite the right time.
We can be fined and banned for driving at 32 mph on a deserted road.
We can be fined if we park with wheels overlapping the boundary of a space that is approximately 80% the size of an average car.
We can be banned from protesting (unless we want to preach hatred for western society and incite our fellow citizens to commit terrorist atrocity). Old age pensioners heckling our MPs can be arrested as terrorists.
Every word we utter is monitored for hidden and/or unintended crimes against the multicultural ideal.
All men are considered rapists and/or paedophiles.
Fathers have no enforceable rights of access to their children.
Scottish MPs can coerce the English population whilst ensuring the gravy train of subsidy continues to reward their own constituents.
42 days is just a detail. We need to reclaim all the lost rights of good citizens from the criminals, the scroungers, the unelected jobsworths, the Scottish government at Westminster, and the bloody EU.


The GOS says: Well, all right, not quite the last word. I'd just like to add that in a recent YouGovSelect survey on the surveillance society, 48.5% of respondents thought CCTV cameras were a good thing, and 37.9% were in favour of ID cards.
It seems we may be "a nation of compliant automatons" already.

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