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The GOS has been trawling round the internet and came across a short film clip from America. It's too big to include on this page, especially if you don't have broadband, but this is a transcript .
A reporter is in the street outside a supermarket. It's sunny and there are palm trees lining the road, so perhaps Florida or California? The reporter is stopping passers-by and asking them their views on the War on Terror - specifically, who they think should be President Bush's next target after Iraq and Afghanistan
Reporter: "In terms of the War on Terror, who do you think should be the next country to invade?"
Passer-by 1: "Saudi Arabia"
Passer-by 2: "Somebody in the Middle East"
Passer-by 3: "We can make a big glass crater out of the whole fucking Middle East, for all I care"
Passer-by 4: "I'm thinking . Italy"
Passer-by 5: "Cuba"
Passer-by 6 (actually, a pair of rather pretty girls) : "Iran"
Reporter: "Iran? Why's that?"
Passer-by 6: Erm, I think there's a revolution going on, pretty soon?"
Passer-by 6: "Or Sri Lanka". (Asked to indicate Sri Lanka on a world map. Her friend points to Thailand) . "Never heard of it!"
Passer-by 7 & 8: "Cuba, Russia, China, India and Pakistan . Indonesia . Brazil Canada ..."
Passer-by 9: "Korea"
Reporter: "Korea? Why do you say that?"
Passer-by 9: "They're trouble"
Reporter: "Yes, OK. In what way are they trouble?"
Passer-by 9: "It's their attitude"
Passer-by 10: "Iran"
Reporter: "Iran? Would you put a number one in Iran?" (shows map)
Passer-by 10: "Where are we? . oh!" (indicates Australia)
Passer-by 11: "North Korea" (pointing at Australia)
Reporter: "North Korea? Why do think North Korea?"
Passer-by 11: "Er probably nuclear"
Passer-by 12: "Er, probably France"
Reporter: "France? Can you put number 2 on France?" (shows map)
Passer-by 12: (indicates Australia) "There seems to be some friction between France and the United States"
Reporter: (pointing to Australia) "Where do you think the best place to invade Iran would be from? Would it be from the north or the south or the east or the west?"
Passer-by 13's wife: "I think it would be from the east"
Passer-by 13: "West"
Passer-by 14:(pointing to Australia and Tasmania) "You know it's amazing because I've just realised right now that North Korea is a lot larger than South Korea. I didn't know it was large like that"

The GOS says: If I was Australian, I'd be very worried ...

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