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We're not going to get embroiled in the argument about James Dewey Watson, the American scientist who recently said that Africans are less intelligent than Westerners. He may be right, as far as being successful at taking IQ tests is concerned, anyway. On the other hand, if you took the average Westerner and dropped him in the middle of darkest Africa, how intelligent would he be about it?
We set little store by the fact that Watson was awarded a Nobel Prize for his ground-breaking work on DNA, not because he won it by examining the work of another scientist (Rosalind Franklin) without her knowledge, but because the Nobel Prize has overnight become totally worthless since they gave one to Greasy Al Gore.
Naturally, if the PC Brigade are on Watson's case, we're in favour of him. We support his right to say what he damn well likes. And he does tend to do exactly that - in the past he has suggested that women might be genetically engineered to make them prettier, that stupidity is a disease that could be cured, and that being able to detect homosexuality in the womb might lead to more abortions and less ballet.
Frankly, he's just a wind-up merchant. Objectionable possibly, but boring, definitely not.
Which is just as well because surprise, surprise, he's just published another book and it's called "Avoid boring people".
Now there's a coincidence - sort-of-famous scientist most of us have never actually heard of publishes new book and needs to plug it, and next morning purely by chance he's made some very un-PC remarks about black people that are bound to get him plastered over every front page in the Western world.
Funny thing, that. We're not giving you a link to the book because we don't want you to buy it.
What? Oh sod it, go on, then, please yourselves.


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